Fabrics 2017

Tiebacks, Trimmings & Holdbacks

Tiebacks, Trimmings and a selection of Tassel Hooks to compliment and enhance your soft furnishing projects. Whether you're looking for the latest trend styles and colours or a classic design that has stood the test of time you can be sure to find it within our collections.

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Tiebacks & Trimmings

To help bring the range to life for you and your customers, our trimmings ranges have pattern cards and tiebacks have colour cards to show the styles and colours available. Some ranges include a sample tieback (see catalogue for specific range details).

Hallis range of coordinated tiebacks & trimmings collections include Highland, Radiance, Colour Passion Trends, Verona, Opus, Jazz & Jive, Opus and Naturals.

Hallis stand-alone trimmings collections include Chelsea, Warwick, B'Dazzle, Bejewelled and Bijou Crystal Trims. We're also proud stock Swarovski Buttons.

Hallis offer of stand-alone tiebacks collections include Ritz, Mirage, Athena, Rio, Pinot, Pagoda, Cache, Gypsy, Colmar, Twister, Sonata, Accord, Abacus and Reflections.

We're proud to stock Harrison & Drape Heritage Tiebacks, Roaring Twenties, Inspired Accents, Swish Marrakesh, Virage, Excelsior, Vetrobello, Moulin, Tangiers, Finesse, Java, Cheviot and Keira tiebacks.

To compliment or range of tiebacks our stunning selection of Tieback Tassel Hooks offer traditional and contemporary looks. The latest addition to the range, Neo Premium Tieback Tassel Hooks, compliment the Neo range of curtain poles perfectly, whilst being ideal to coordinate with a variety of styles and decors.

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